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Mike Dahbour | AB | 10/28/2014

I had purchased a new A4 2015 from Cathy Rankine at Glenmore Audi and I must say I was very pleased with her level of expertise when it came to knowledge of all the Audi cars they had plus the knowledge she had on their main competitors (BMW, Mercedes, etc). She made purchasing this car a breeze and had helped me the entire way into helping me make my decision on what type of car I wanted to get and all the questions I had. She always responded to my questions very positively (i have gone into the dealership 4 or 5 times) and responded to my emails with detailed clear answers. If I every buy another Audi it will definitely be from Cathy and I would recommend her (and have already) to many of my friends. Thanks again Cathy for a great purchasing experience.

Pearse | AB | 04/18/2012


A brief note. Over the past few weeks I have been purchasing a new Audi Q7 and also it transpired a 2008 Lexus RX350 for my wife from your dealership. 

We are recently arrived in Calgary from Ireland.

We were dealt with at your dealership by Ken Sim throughout and I felt I must drop you a note to say how thoroughly professional, helpful and good fun he was through the entire process. He has ensured that we both ended up in the cars we wanted, though we were not entirely sure what we wanted at the start. I guess that Audis’ as a quality marquee sell themselves, what Ken did was navigate us through the process most skilfully, most knowledgeably and in a most friendly way ensuring we ended up at the right destination point (for all).

 I have worked around the World, and being new in Canada and getting vehicles sorted is one of those ‘chores’ you need to get done. Thanks to Ken and your team, (Jennifer Riddell was brilliant on the whole financing and registering etc piece of the puzzle), not alone has it been a great introduction to Audi, it has actually been a lovely introduction to Calgary and Canada, the people and how business gets done here.

 I will be recommending Ken and Glenmore Audi to all.

 Very Best Regards,  


Kailash | AB | 05/31/2012

Hi Cathy, It's been 2 months now, since I have purchased my new 2012 Audi Q7 S-Line from Glenmore Audi. I am very much pleased with my decision & now I am literally enjoying this excellent piece of machine. I really appreciate Cathy for her great Audi sales knowledge & support she provided me to get my dream car. A big thanks & all the best to Glenmore Audi staff team & owner. Now I hope to get same support in future for servicing of my car & concern. Best regards, Kailash
Meghan H. | AB | 06/15/2012

The last time I received service this good was when I lived at home and my mother used to make my suppers and clean my dishes and make my bed.

When our vehicle kicked the bucket, we searched for a dealership that had quality vehicles and great service.  I won't spend my time here complaining about the other dealerships and how unbelievably craptastic their service was, but rather I want to tell you about Jason and how wonderful he was.

Jason was there every step of the way to answer our silly and redundant questions.  He never made us feel insignificant or undervalued at any time during this process.  We truly felt like our business was appreciated.  The ladies with the finance dept were also awesome, Alanna and Shawna answered all of our questions and were very polite and welcoming.  It was a treat to visit Audi and their team during this process.

After the vehicle was purchased, Jason spent much time with us going over the vehicle inside and out.  When I told friends and family about all the wonderful things Audi did they simply commented on how they have never received so much as a follow up call from their last purchase.  We even received an Edible Arrangement, coffee mugs, gift certificate, and most important emails from the GM thanking us for our business.  What a treat.  We were even invited back for a special 10,000$ giveaway event at the dealership where we sampled beers and ate hors d'oeuvres and had a great time.  

It was a pleasure to shop at Audi, they have a customer for life with us !  I look forward to seeing how the servicing goes!

Thanks again, Jason for all of your hard work helping us, you truly made this an enjoyable experience!

Tom | AB | 02/29/2012

To the Owner and Management Of Glenmore Audi:

 Yesterday I took delivery of a 2008 TT.  It’s been a car I have wanted for awhile now, and I finally decided it was time.  After a couple of meetings with Ken Sim, your salesperson, I was convinced I wanted the car, but not so much the payment.  Throughout that process - Ken was great.  He helped me along, never pressured me, answered my questions, and made himself available when I had the time.  Overall it was a great experience, which says a lot seeing as I put buying a car and going to the dentist in the same category as far as the “things I like to do” list.

 I noticed a scratch on the hood, and immediately Ken said he would take care of it.  He did.  When I came by yesterday the IPod connector wasn’t working, and Ken spent the time trying to help me figure it out.  This may not seem like a life stopping event, but with the amount of time I spend in my car – the only thing that keeps me sane is my IPod.  We couldn’t figure it out.  He asked others for help.  Frank in the service department was on his way home, yet he still stopped and helped us out.  Not only that, he was still friendly and helpful, which goes a long way as service with a smile is hard to find at the best of times.  It’s often the little things that matter.

So I am fairly certain reading letters like this, you may be waiting for the “complaint” or the “bad news”.  Well there was some - the part I needed, that Ken helped me figure out, that Frank took his own personal time to install, was $500.00.  Worse – it wasn’t covered under warranty.  Seeing as I was just picking up the car, and our deal was done, there were many concerned looks, there were quiet conversations.  In the end my problem was solved, but it created another one.  Turns out the bad news was for you guys.  Ken told me not to worry about it – that my happiness was more important, and he would figure it out.  Once again Ken came to the rescue, not to just sell a car, but to make a customer happy. 

 So today perhaps I came out a little ahead, very happy, and I have a car which is new to me, but not “new”.  Today there is going to be discussions on your end about which department pays for what, and whose fault it was that the problem was maybe missed in the first place.  I am attaching something I gave to my people just last week about customer satisfaction.  It has to do with empowering your people to make good decisions to make customers happy.  Keep in mind that customer satisfaction today leads to return customers tomorrow.  If I were you I wouldn’t be questioning Ken on why he went to bat for a customer – I’d be questioning the department that builds a piece of plastic with an IPod cable attached that costs $501.00.  Mistakes happen in my business everyday.  It’s actually my job to get in there and fix them; to train the employees on how to handle not only the problem, but to come up with the solutions with and without my help.  If a company has integrity it stands behind what it does, it promotes its people to act with honesty and sincerity, and it mandates that its people take initiative to get the job done right, on time, and within budget.  Maybe your budget went a little sideways at the end.  I know mine does regularly.  Please keep in mind that I will need service on my car, and there will be no one else my car goes to because of Ken and Frank.  I will replace this car in two or three years, and there will be no one else I go to because of Ken and Frank. 

 I hope today, the discussion will be about everything that went ‘right’ yesterday, and the perspective of what went ‘wrong’ is not that your employees went too far.  I would be focusing on the cost of your parts.  That may be something that comes from the top of your company.  Perhaps it’s something that is a fixed cost, and you feel you have no control over it.  My job would be to disagree with that.  In business, people often don’t focus on the bigger picture, or get the true nature of a problem right.  What happened yesterday was that your employees earned you a customer for life, your parts supplier might have easily cost you one, and technically they almost lost you a customer on the day I became one.

 When I call Ken today to ask him about my tire pressure – he is going to help me.  My lack of mechanical aptitude means that even though I tried to fill my tires up last night it didn’t seem to work.  While Ken is trying to make you money (and obviously himself) he has guys like me bugging him about tire pressure.  He takes it in stride, and handles it very well like he has everything else throughout the process.  Again, I picked up my car yesterday, and my tire pressure is low.  I am not focused on the inconvenience of having to deal with that, because I am satisfied it will be taken care of, but don’t lose sight of where your problems lie.  Every business has them, mine is no exception.  It’s how you handle them that determines your long term success.  Yesterday met my high expectations, based on people trying.  There may have been a couple of things I would have done differently, and I would be happy to let you know what those things were, but Ken and Frank saved the day, and they did it with a smile.


 Tom McCaffery
General Manager
Plains Fabrication & Supply     

Bruce | AB | 01/17/2012

Hi Steve. I received the gift from Glenmore Audi today (Edible Arrangements) and I (and my staff!) thank you very much for that.

The S5 is incredible and by far the most impressive car I have ever  with you and all the staff at Glenmore Audi.  Thanks again,


STEVE JOHNSTON | AB | 02/19/2012

Service is the best I have ever had...Boris and Jessica are simply amazing and I may never buy another vehicle other than Audi..

Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

Mike L | AB | 02/19/2012


Lyle Fee | AB | 02/27/2012


My wife  Lindy and I were finally able to find a weekend that worked for us to use the package I received with the purchase of my S4 last April. I wanted to tell you what a great experience we had! The promotional package you provide with my purchase was very generous and I must tell you it really resonated with us as traditionally anytime you receive some kind of added value gift with purchase when purchasing a good sized  purchase the gift with purchase is not as experiential  as this one. We had a great dinner at Murrieta’s, the hotel is beautiful, clean and very current and the spa treatments were a nice touch as was the bottle of wine. I just wanted to thank you and tell you that it in my opinion this was a great investment by Glenmoore Audi and we both hope you are doing something similar for my next purchase!


Allan Berg | AB | 11/24/2011

Hello Doug,

I firstly want to say "THANK YOU" for treating me very fairly with the price of my new Audi A4 that I picked up October 25.   I certainly appreciated your no hassle approach to negotiating for the price of the car.  I can say that after driving it for a month I am extremely pleased with the car and the drive.  I do believe I have changed which continent that any new vehicles I purchase will be manufactured in...

Also Doug, I wanted to point out to you the excellent job that both Steve and Jennifer did and how professional they were.  They both made the experience of picking up the car one of the best I have had in a new car delivery.

All the best, and I know you will have continued success when surrounding yourself with staff like Steve and Jennifer.

Best Regards,

Allan Berg

Andy Fisher | AB | 11/06/2011

I want to thank Iain Kay for his knowledge patience and understanding in my recent dealings with him regarding a used Q7. He was very open in his discussions and he has great product knowledge.. I has a good feeling when I entered the doors of the dealership. It is obvious that everyone working there has a "client first" attitude.

Monaj P | AB | 05/30/2011

I felt that Steve Giles did a great job taking me through the dealership, showing me the different areas, and also setting me up with my car and showing me all of the features. He made me feel comfortable to come in whenever I needed to to get questions answered.

Michael D | AB | 05/30/2011

Glenmore Audi service provides professional, couteous and is always prompt. In comparison to other dealers I have dealt with in the past I find Audi to be a level above.

Miranda B | AB | 06/03/2011

I currently own my second new vehicle from Glenmore Audi and have received prompt, professional and courteous service from day one. A huge thank you to Steve G. for setting me up with my new vehicle and taking the time to go over all of the features. Booking service has always been a breeze and I love that my vehicle is cleaner coming out than it is going in! I'm hooked now, and will be an Audi owner for life and look forward to continuing my relationship with Glenmore Audi and their knowledgable staff. Thank you!!

Gulfstream | AB | 10/17/2011

Wow, so hard to understand how some of you might have had negative experiences with Glenmore Audi. My salesman was Ian Kay who sold me my Audi A3 S line (which is currently on pre-order). We have looked at many audi's in the past and it came down to this one. The whole process, test drive etc was great and Ian really shines when asking him not only simple questions about the car but more complicated detailed information. 5 Stars for Ian. I only wish that Audi would give me a loaner vehicle until mine arrives.5 Stars for Ian

Paul S | Alberta | 01/20/2011

2010 has been a very challenging year for me as I’ve had to deal with many health issues and let me emphasize that Glenmore Audi has always been very professional and courteous, the staff have always been understanding and I feel they are a credit to Audi Canada

Gaston Schaeffer | Alberta | 01/20/2011

I now own my third Audi, and from the sales staff to the service mechanics, management and loan department, everyone makes the experience of owning a wonderful vehicle like my Audi, a great experience. I had had in the past BMW, but when I went in the attempt to purchase one when I moved to Calgary, I went to the dealership and waited for 30 minutes in the dealership, and no one even said "hello"! I decided to go to Audi, and never left! There are some key people I have dealt with in the past who have made my experience special through their extraordinary service and desire to satisfy me as a client, Mt David Sandusky salesman, Mr. Mike Daniels, and Mr Chris Chapman. These are the people I came in contact with personally however, I realize that the whole team is working together and everyone is a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for making car ownership such a wonderful experience! Audi Canada should be proud to have you all represent the Audi name in Calgary! Thank you!
Denyse C | Alberta | 01/07/2011

Glenmore Audi was a great experience. I had been taking my car to a local garage and because of my experience I will be using Glenmore Audi in the future for any service work that is needed.

T. Berkovich | Alberta | 12/06/2010

Good afternoon, I wanted to take a moment to write this letter on behalf of Mr. Chris Chapman , who has been my service advisor for about 4 years at Glenmore Audi. He is always pleasant to speak with, and goes out of his way to provide me with top-notch service. I have been receiving your service for about 4 years and just now was looking to buy a new car. I have been very hesistant choosing between Audi and BMW makes, and my choice to go with Audi was only because of extraordinary service I am receiving at your dealership.Also, want to mention that the great service is what makes me bring my business to this place, and l will continue to do so in future.  I hope you appreciate having Mr. Chris Chapman as one of your employees. He is a valuable asset to your dealership. Warmest Regards, 
C. Vettergreen | Alberta | 12/11/2010

Would happily return and recommend to others. Smooth and professional from start to finish.
Renee Anderson | Alberta | 09/13/2010

If you are use to always having problems when you HAVE to take the vehicle in to the dealership you have come to the right place! Never had a problem, its quick, easy and everyone is great to deal with. By far the best car buying and maintaning relationship I have ever had! Kodos to all of you at Glenmore Audi for a job well done!!!